Please note - I'm not currently seeking new projects/work. Also note that this resume hasn't been updated for 10 years. So...please don't call me about it

Greg Michalec

1448 6th Avenue
Oakland, California 94606
(510) 301-0906


I am not seeking work at this time.

Work Experience:

Lead Developer/Information Architect,

Oakland, California

4/2005 - 12/2005

Designed, implemented, and maintained frontend and backend services driving, a real-estate Google Maps mashup. Developed Perl applications to crawl and collect web-based data, process data, and create custom map images via PerlMagick, as well as automate process flow. Designed MySQL database to handle high volumes of data and cache complex query information. Created website utilizing Google Maps API, javascript, AJAX, and CSS to create dynamic and interactive display of unique near-real-time real estate and rental information.

Member, Midnight Special Law Collective

Oakland, California

3/2003 - present

Work collectively with five other members to further our goals of demystifying the law, educating our communities, and providing legal support for activists. Design and update website, Design and give legal-related trainings. Organized and worked in several mass-action legal support offices, including San Francisco anti-war 2003, Miami FTAA 2003, San Francisco Biojustice 2004, and New York RNC 2004. Support work involves trainings, phone hotline, attorney and defendant coordination, and information management and processing. Designed legal support database to track defendants through court system.

Web Developer, Genentech, Inc.

South San Francisco, California

6/2003 - 6/2004

Primary developer for web content updates and site changes, including graphics and layout design updates, to JSP-based corporate website ( Managed high volume of content requests from Corporate Relations. Operated according to strict deployment process for high-traffic production website. Assisted in converting site to Section 508 Accessibility standards compliance. Developed Perl CGI applications for corporate intranet.

Software Engineer, Digital Integrity, Inc.

San Mateo, California

12/2000 - 6/2001

Coordinated with a team of 4 software engineers to design and implement a web-based user interface to an intellectual property management application. Aided in design and implementation of Perl application layer to integrate client-server applications, a MySQL database, and user interface. Co-developed installation, configuration, and packaging scripts for Linux-based application. Worked with a department of 12 engineers to design, produce, and debug application, participating in weekly review sessions and meeting frequent production deadlines.

Web Developer,

San Francisco, California

5/1999 - 8/1999; 6/2000 - 11/2000

Worked with a team of developers to update and maintain corporate website. Developed Perl CGI applications, including flat-text DB, cookie tracking, and dynamic web page generation. Assisted in administration of development servers and automated tasks. Developed JSP pages to dynamically display content and interact with Java Servlets. Implemented co-branded affiliate sites. Designed Linux command-line tools to automate and facilitate site maintenance.

Webmaster, Miami University School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Oxford, Ohio

2/1998 - 8/2002

Worked with University faculty, staff and students to design a cohesive online presentation for the close knit community of the Western College Program. Implemented and automated updates to the website. Supervised students in the production of the web pages ( Identified and addressed technical infrastructure and information management needs of the school, including website migration and the development of Oracle database-driven web applications for management of student-generated forms and senior thesis cataloging.

Computer Lab Tutor, Miami University School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Oxford, Ohio

8/1998 - 5/2000

Supervised, maintained, and operated a 25-unit computer lab with a team of 7 student-tutors. Supported and instructed students in the use of Macintosh based computer lab. Worked as faculty liaison to facilitate desktop operations and the integration of technology with classroom uses. Made recommendations on new hardware and software purchases, as well as lab organization and processes.

Web Developer, Miami University Publications

Oxford, Ohio

5/1998 - 8/1998

Converted university course catalog from text to HTML format. Utilized GREP-style regular expression routines for automated HTML conversion. Implemented hyperlinks throughout the bulletin, creating a more accessible document. Designed layout and graphics for site.

Webmaster, LumenX Company

Mogadore, Ohio

9/1997 - 6/1998

Designed, implemented, and maintained corporate website. Designed graphics for web site. Worked with print-based advertising group to coordinate document releases. Designed, implemented, supported, and maintained an intranet, which employed Active Server Pages, Java Applications, and JavaScript.


Operating Systems:

Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat), Solaris, OpenVMS, Microsoft Windows (3.x, NT, 95, 98, ME, 2000), MacOS (7.5 - 10.1)


Apache, MySQL, Oracle, Bugzilla, CVS, vi, SSH, Adobe Photoshop, BBEdit, Filemaker Pro, Microsoft Office,


Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS, CGI, SQL, Bash, JavaScript, AJAX


PC Hardware, Ethernet LAN


Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies
Focus - "Political Economy and Social Inequality"
Thesis - "Free Software: History, Perspectives, and Implications"


Avaliable upon request.

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